Mediterranean sampling at Scilla - 23-25 March 2011

Sampling mission for WP1 at Scilla. Selena Prantoni, Francesca Gizzi and Gianni Neto (Department of Evolutionary and Experimental Biology, University of Bologna) sampled corals to be used in WP3.

IMG_5782 IMG_5786 IMG_5793
After a long journey we arrived.
Waiting for the dive.


 IMG_5784  IMG_5785
No comment...


 IMG_5803  IMG_5816 IMG_5817


IMG_5825 IMG_5827  IMG_5828
Francesca and Selena sampling Leptopsammia, Caryophyllia and Balanophyllia.


IMG_5831  IMG_5835  IMG_5837
Work is completed.
Some problems with the undertow...


IMG_5839 IMG_5840  IMG_5841
...and some jokes.


Lunch on the beach.
IMG_5842  IMG_5843 IMG_5844
Gianni. Francesca.


IMG_5880  IMG_5885
Searching for the computer.


IMG_5887 IMG_5882
The logbook.


 IMG_5798  IMG_5807  IMG_5809
Some local fauna.