2nd Meeting of the CoralWarm - 3 November 2010

A meeting of the Italian Team, including PhD, Master and Bachelor students involved, to check the status of the project after 4 months from its start, and to plan future steps. 

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We bring some sea even in a meeting room. :) Erik Caroselli, Stefano Goffredo, Luca Pasquini, Paola Fantazzini, Mirko Gombia and Giuseppe Falini.


The students: Patrizia Vergni, Filippo Nardi, Pilar Casado de Amezua, Chiara Marchini, Marta Rocchi and Selena Prantoni.
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Erik Caroselli acts as secretary.


The meeting starts with a presentation by Stefano Goffredo outlining the main features of coral biology and ecology related to the project aims, and explaining how the collected samples will be distributed among the various labs of the different Departments and Institutions.


Erik Caroselli, Luca Pasquini, Alan Molinari and Giuseppe Falini.
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Filippo Nardi and Pilar Casado de Amezua.


Each student explains to the team the part of the project that he is focusing on. Starting from Fiorella Prada, who will work on the Panarea experiment.


Selena Prantoni is working on reproduction of Balanophyllia europaea.
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Chiara Marchini and Marta Rocchi are focusing on reproduction of Caryophyllia inornata.


Pilar Casado de Amezua is working on reproduction and population genetics of Astroides calycularis. Filippo Nardi is focusing on population genetics of Balanophyllia europaea.
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Patrizia Vergni is studying the biomineralization of the key coral species sampled for CoralWarm...


...under the supervision of Giuseppe Failini. Mirko Gombia is working on NMR studies of the porosity of coral skeletons...
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...in the NMR lab of Paola Fantazzini.


Alan Molinari is performing nanoindentation studies of the mechanical properties of the skeletons... ...under the supervision of Luca Pasquini, head of the Nanoindentaion lab.


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Elettra Pignotti is developing a new statistical method for correlating coral growth with the environmental parameters of the various Italian study sites. Giuseppe Falini, the CoralWarm Co-Investigator.