CoralWarm kick off meeting - 14-19 June 2010

The CoralWarm team meets in Tel Aviv for organizing the first steps of the project. The meeting included social activities and a small tour in some of the most interesting places of Israel.

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It's not the A-team, it's the CoralWarm team!


A brief tour of Yafo (Jaffa), south of Tel Aviv.
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Sunset in Yafo.


Zodiac bridge. Tel Aviv view from Yafo.
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In touristic mode.


Another sunset.
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Suspended tree.


The port of Yafo.
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Luca Pasquini, Department of Physics, University of Bologna.


Dinner in the port of Yafo.
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The scientific meeting at the Bar Ilan University. People present were: David Iluz, Erik Caroselli, Estelle Waise, Giuseppe Falini, Hagit Hamama, Isser Peer, Luca Pasquini, Michal Grossowicz, Mor Samuelson, Oren Levy, Paola Motetti, Sarit Lampert, Stefano Goffredo, Verdiana Bandini, Yoav Brukner, Yulia Pinchasov, Zvy Dubinsky.


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Yulia, Hagit and Michal in Oren Levy's Lab.


Giusppe Falini and Oren Levy. Luca Pasquini, Zvy Dubinsky and Stefano Goffredo.
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Journalists from the first channel of the Italian public television (Rai 1) came for an interview about the project and for filming Oren Levy's Laboratory of Molecular Marine Ecology.
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Zvy Dubinsky, Giuseppe Falini and Stefano Goffredo have been interviewed.


IMG_3552 IMG_3553 IMG_3554
After the interview...


...the CoralWarm team together with the Rai 1 journalists went to the Al Quds University of Jerusalem East...
IMG_3555 IMG_3556 IMG_3557 film the labs of Mutaz Al-Qutob, who will take part in the project as an external collaborator.


IMG_3558 IMG_3559 IMG_3560
The lab and the interview.


IMG_3562 IMG_3563 IMG_3564
The view of the Palestinian Authority...


...from the garden of the Al Quds University.
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The wall.


The Rai 1 journalists.
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A visit of Jerusalem: the Saint Sepulcrus.


The Wailing Wall.
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The Team has been received by the Italian Embassy.
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The Ambassador (Luigi Mattiolo), the Economic Attachè (Lorenzo Ortona), and the Scientific Attachè (Stefano Boccaletti) of the Embassy.


Oren Levy, Giuseppe Falini, Zvy Dubinsky, Luigi Mattiolo, Stefano Goffredo, Lorenzo Ortona, Luca Pasquini, Stefano Boccaletti. The view from the Italian Embassy.
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Inside the Embassy.


The team after a scientific meeting in the Embassy concerning possible funding opportunities and cooperation strategies between Italian and Israeli science.


Paola Motetti (University of Bologna Research Authority) in Acre (Akko).
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Vermetid reefs in Acre...


IMG_3596 IMG_3597 IMG_3595
...are an interesting biomineralized structure that the CoralWarm team would like to study...


IMG_3598 IMG_3600 IMG_3603
...and a curious place to see the matches of the Soccer World Cup.


The Templar tunnels. The Uri Buri, one of the most famous restaurants of Israel.
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The team at the UriBuri.


The team at Lake Kinneret (Tiberias Lake). Giuseppe Falini.
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An antique boat from 2000 years ago found in Lake Kinneret.