Transplant experiment at Panarea - 12-18 November 2010

Stefano Goffredo, Erik Caroselli and Fiorella Prada (University of Bologna) went to Panarea to check the coral transplant experiment along a pH gradient inside an underwater volcano crater, for studying the effects of ocean acidification on Mediterranean corals.

IMG_1761 IMG_1787 IMG_1789
The whole bunch of scientific equipment.


Erik heading to the crater. Fiorella.
IMG_1793 IMG_1794 IMG_1798
The super high tech grids for attaching the tiles to the bottom (alternatively, they can be used for cooking).


The square stone used to align the boat on the crater. A vent.
IMG_1820 IMG_1831 IMG_1834
Fiorella preparing the samples to be fixed in formalin.


Fiorella and Erik attaching corals to the tiles.
IMG_1836 IMG_1861 IMG_1872
The electric car: the main vehicle used in Panarea.


Vermetids. The vents.
IMG_1873 IMG_1874 IMG_1878


A nice nudibranch.
IMG_1879 IMG_1887 IMG_1890
Hypselodoris picta.


A fish wandering around the crater. The Carabinieri boat.
IMG_1892 IMG_1893 IMG_1894
Come to say "hello"!


Stefano and Erik.